Hydrosphere CLI, orhs, is a command-line interface designed to work with the Hydrosphere platform.

Source code: PyPI:


Use pip to install hs:

pip install hs==3.0.0

Check the installation:

hs --version


hs cluster

This command lets you operate cluster instances. A cluster points to your Hydrosphere instance. You can use this command to work with different Hydrosphere instances.

See hs cluster --help for more information.

hs apply

This command allows you to upload resources from YAML definitions to the cluster.

See hs apply --help for more information.

hs profile

This command lets you upload your training data to build profiles.

  • $ hs profile push - upload training data to compute its profiles.

  • $ hs profile status - show profiling status for a given model.

See hs profile --help for more information.

hs app

This command provides information about available applications.

  • $ hs app list - list all existing applications.

  • $ hs app rm - remove a certain application.

See hs app --help - for more information.

hs model

This command provides information about available models.

  • $ hs model list - list all existing models.

  • $ hs model rm - remove a certain model.

See hs model --help for more information.

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