Hydrosphere CLI, orhs, is a command-line interface designed to work with the Hydrosphere platform.

Source code: PyPI:


Use pip to install hs:

pip install hs

Check the installation:

hs --version


hs cluster

This command lets you operate cluster instances. A cluster points to your Hydrosphere instance. You can use this command to work with different Hydrosphere instances.

See hs cluster --help for more information.

hs upload

This command lets you upload models to the Hydrosphere platform. During the upload, hs looks for a serving.yaml file in the current directory. This file must contain a definition of the model (example).

See hs upload --help for more information.

hs apply

This command is an extended version of the hs upload command, which also allows you to operate applications and host selector resources.

See hs apply --help for more information.

hs profile

This command lets you upload your training data to build profiles.

  • $ hs profile push - upload training data to compute its profiles.

  • $ hs profile status - show profiling status for a given model.

See hs profile --help for more information.

hs app

This command provides information about available applications.

  • $ hs app list - list all existing applications.

  • $ hs app rm - remove a certain application.

See hs app --help - for more information.

hs model

This command provides information about available models.

  • $ hs model list - list all existing models.

  • $ hs model rm - remove a certain model.

See hs model --help for more information.

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